highly successful Young entrepreneur,
Asian businessman and Author.

who made a mark in the recruitment industry by setting up and developing one of the fastest growing recruitment companies in the UK.
A perfectionist by nature and driven by a passion to succeed.

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By nature
A perfectionist by nature and driven by a passion to succeed in everything.
Business career
At tender age
Amit began his business career at the tender age of 25 when he invested into a recruitment agency franchise.
Hindsight of experience
Spiritual living
With the hindsight of experience fuelled by a new way of spiritual living, Amit has grown to unimaginable heights.

Amit has a gift, his charisma is
one of a kind.

As a business and sales man, Amit can bring a valuable change of perspectives to audiences. He focuses his motivational speeches on being positive and transparent, and his vast experience in a wide range of different businesses allows him to give personal and easy to understand examples, to which we call all relate to and therefore put into practice.


the Gift into your life ultimately
leading you to Success, Peace and Happiness.

The Gift Workshop is an intensive analysis workshop of Amit Kainth’s best seller. It revisits all the 7 laws of success, connects them to our daily lives and it shows in plain simplicity how to go about following them, implementing them, and reaching desired results from them. The workshops focus on a journey into one’s behaviour, where Amit will help you recognise negative patterns in your life and in your attitudes, and shows you a different perspective of situations and values that might be harmful for you.