Amit has a gift,
his charisma is one of a kind.

He can teach how to reach happiness on the inside so people can excel on the outside.

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As a business and sales man,

Amit can bring a valuable change of
perspectives to audiences.

He focuses his motivational speeches on being positive and transparent, and his vast experience in a wide range of different businesses allows him to give personal and easy to understand examples, to which we call all relate to and therefore put into practice. Decision making and ethical dilemmas are always present in any workplace. Jealousy, greed, anger, attachment are behind all bad decisions that people take, and at times it is hard to not get sucked into them. To be able to stay on top of your game consistently, not only will you need determination, but you will also need to remove these bad forces you have around each and every situation.

Amit can teach you how to do this, and what tools you can use to go against the tide and change the tables around – how to be successful whilst remaining humble. Amit is a much respected man in his community and within business networks. He understands the importance of relationships between entrepreneurs and among business colleagues, his presence and his words make people stop, think, and re-evaluate actions, and ultimately deliver and reach their goals in their work and lives.

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