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Amit specialises in Inner Tuning for outer success.

Amit held a motivational workshop at the Marriott Hotel in London and was live recorded and brings you all the Laws in one complete box set.

Based on Amit’s Number one bestselling book The Gift – 7 Laws of Success, he NOW brings you the DVD box set.

Amit proves to you in this workshop that how all successful people across the world are doing these 7 laws but they do not show it as it is all self-development and not shown in the public domain.

The box set gives you 7 DVD’s approximately 45 min each with 7 work books for you to complete.

The DVD box set revisits all the 7 laws of success, connects them to our daily lives and it shows in plain simplicity how to go about following them, implementing them, and reaching desired results from them.

“Number 1 bestselling book for new author the UK market”
– Austin Macauley


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