The Gift Workshop

How to implement the Gift into your life ultimately leading you to Success, Peace and Happiness.

The Gift Workshop is an intensive analysis workshop of Amit Kainth’s best seller. It revisits all the 7 laws of success, connects them to our daily lives and it shows in plain simplicity how to go about following them, implementing them, and reaching desired results from them.

The workshops focus on a journey into one’s behaviour, where Amit will help you recognise negative patterns in your life and in your attitudes, and shows you a different perspective of situations and values that might be harmful for you. With various scientifically proved studies and examples to back up the messages he tries to spread, Amit brings you The Gift Workshops - a set of fun, interactive and discussion based sessions, that will help you grow as a person in tis busy world where we tend to live on an auto-pilot mode.

The price includes 7 sessions, each lasting between 1 and 1.5 hours (depends how discussion evolves) where every law is analysed and Amit gives you an insight of his experiences, while exploring your experiences too, and together you will find a way of unblocking your path to success.

You can take it as a mentoring trip throughout the universal truth that we all have available to us – The Power of God.

Workshop Sessions

  • Meditation
  • Give God the Glory
  • Flow
  • Transparency
  • Negative Outwards Actions
  • Positive Souls
  • Pure of Hearts

Starts on Saturday 24th September
Venue: London Marriott Hotel
Start time 9.00 am finish 3.00 pm
Price: £40 per ticket

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For all press and pr enquiries please contact Sonia Thacker
on 01162 855 200 or email